About Me

My Journey

Wild Pickings is a small rural business run by me,  Jade Mellor.  I have been a professional forager for fourteen years,  collecting wild food from the beautiful hedgerows,  woodlands and coast of West Wales.  I pick what is seasonally abundant,  with care and sensitivity,  always leaving plenty to go to seed and for the birds.

I am inspired by the landscape,  the changing seasons and the wild bounty of blossoms,  leaves,  fruits and seaweeds,  which I use to create delicious and unique food.

 I run seasonal walks and workshops, teaching others how to identify, gather and use wild food. I'm also available for private and group bookings.

 I am also part of the Elemental Adventures team, a community interest company and not for profit social enterprise.

 Elemental adventures offers a range of nature based activities focused on reconnecting people with nature: exploring outdoor play and learning, forest school, bushcraft, mindfulness, music and natural arts & crafts.

Check out www.elementaladventures.org 

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