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Workshops and Walks for 2024

Drifft  : A workshop creating seaweed cyanotypes with artist Molly Macleod
Friday 19th April 1-3 pm
  Sea Trust, Goodwick, Pembrokeshire


Come and experiment with seaweed and the hands-on, analogue photography technique of cyanotype. Inspired by the work of the pioneering female botanist and photographer Anna Atkins we will explore different cyanotype techniques using seaweed. Learn about the vast variety of beautiful seaweeds on our coastline whilst creating your own unique artwork to take home. 

Tickets are £10 with an option on the day to either be refunded or donated to Save the Teifi
Click Here for tickets

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Wild Food and Medicine Walk
Saturday 10th August (family walk) 

We will take a gentle stroll, identifying and gathering a selection of seasonal leaves, herbs and blossoms.  Looking at various uses (culinary and medicinal) and discussing ways of preparing the seasonal bounty.
Under the tipi we will go through our plants, have a cup of wild herb tea and make a wild condiment to take home.

Bookings are through Castell Henllys


  Foraging Club
We have started a fortnightly kids foraging club at Blaenigau Woods with the help of National Lottery Community Fund.
 We have been busy gathering, making and celebrating wild plants and will be building up to having a stall at a seasonal market.


Well Being in the Woods

Saturday 23rd April 11-2pm

Blaenigau woods near Brynhoffnant, Ceredigion

Come and spend the day in the woods 

 We will be celebrating the Spring equinox and all the fresh young green wild things that are popping up.

There will also be the usual things to get involved with, from wood chopping to whittling by the fire, lying on the floor or in a hammock, gazing at the trees, conversation, drinking tea, games, crafts and anything that fills your heart with a sense of wellbeing and connection. 

This is a community day, so suitable for all ages and abilities.

We feel very blessed that working and being outside is a proven remedy for strengthening the immune system and calming the mind and are very much looking forward to sharing this tonic with you.

For bookings: elementaladventures

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